Our Story

When TIME'S UP was established in response to the common experience of power inequity and unsafe workplaces for women and other underrepresented groups everywhere, women in healthcare took notice.

We had been having the same conversations about the profound problems in our industry. While women make up over 80% of the healthcare workforce, the decision makers, including hospital leadership, executives and association presidents, are largely men. We continue to work in environments highly tolerant of sexual harassment. We had been gathering in women's groups and social media platforms and saying to each other, “It's time for change!”

We reached out to the TIME’S UP organization and decided to join them and their affiliates in the work of supporting safe, fair, and dignified workplaces, with a focus on the issues and solutions specific to health care. 

In healthcare, we know that lives are saved by working together and improving collective intelligence through teams that are not only diverse, but are respectful, inclusive, and equitable.

Starting from an initial core network of founders, our plan is to grow our team to span a wide variety of roles, types of practice, settings, and locations, until we are a unified and powerful voice for change.

Together, we can create a better future for ourselves, our patients, and future generations of healthcare workers.