Signatories are healthcare organizations that have pledged their commitment to TIME'S UP Healthcare's core statements:

Sexual harassment and gender inequity have no place in the healthcare workplace
  • We are committed to preventing sexual harassment and gender inequity and protecting and aiding those who are targets of harassment and discrimination
  • We believe every employee should have equitable opportunity, support, and compensation
  • We cannot address a problem without understanding its scope and impact; we will measure and track sexual harassment and gender-based inequities occurring in our institution

By joining us as signatories, these organizations signal their highest commitment to providing their employees and trainees a safe, dignified, and equitable workplace.

TIME’S UP Healthcare’s Signatories are part of a community working to improve employment standards for healthcare organizations, with the understanding that every organization in healthcare is still working towards the goal of becoming a safe, fair, and dignified workplace for all. We will always reserve the right for staff to independently exercise its judgment in speaking out for or against any organizations and/or individuals in the course of our work, without respect for their relationship to TIME’S UP’s Healthcare as a signatory, donor or partner.

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